PAL Reporting

Following each score reporting date on the submission and reporting schedule, the PAL secure reporting site for programs is populated with updated candidate score results data. The data includes information on those candidates who, during the registration process, indicated that the program provider or organization should receive their results.

Authorized users of the secure site may access the following through login with a username and password:

  • PAL institution reports containing results for the current reporting period
  • ResultsAnalyzer® data analysis tool that can be used to:
  • Create relevant and timely reports
  • Customize data queries
  • Export data to Microsoft® Excel or other report software
  • Analyze candidate and program data for numerous variables (including self-reported demographic data)

Due to laws protecting confidentiality and privacy of candidates, only candidates may inquire about their PAL scores.

To provide additional technical details and support, a "PAL Institution Report Layout" document is posted in the file directory of each program provider's edReports account.

Score Delays due to Administrative Review

In some cases, the release of a candidate's PAL results may be delayed as the result of an administrative review. An administrative review may occur for several reasons, including confirmation that a submission meets all requirements and is in compliance with the rules of assessment participation.

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