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Massachusetts Performance Assessment for Leaders (PAL)

2017–18 PAL Assessment Materials

PAL assessment materials have been updated for the 2017-18 program year to increase clarity of directions based on feedback received from candidates, program providers, and scorers. There are no significant changes to task requirements or rubrics. The updated materials include:

  • Candidate Assessment Handbook
  • Administrative Field Guide for Leadership Preparation Programs
  • Policies

Candidates are also able to access the 2017–18 PAL Candidate Assessment Handbook, Confidentiality and Anonymity Form, and Evidence Charts in the Pearson ePortfolio system.

Which Handbook Should I Use?

  • Candidates who are beginning work on tasks for the 2017–2018 submission schedule should use the 2017–18 handbook and assessment materials.
  • Candidates who have already made significant progress on tasks using the 2016–17 handbook and assessment materials are advised to review the updated materials prior to submission.